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Salon Earning

You earn 30% of all sale dollars paid monthly. Salon Service Group pays the cost of packaging, maintaining inventory, shipping, and promotions, so your 30% is pure profit.

Stylist Commission

Your Salon will be given a report of all purchases. Determining how to handle stylist commission is at your discretion. Some salons have chosen to pay traditional commission rates or a discounted rate. Others pull a portion of the sales to use for a stylist benefit and some do not give any incentive to the stylist.


Returns will be handled directly through the salon, unless it is product damaged during shipping. Customers can bring products back to the salon for returns. The salon can either keep the product and resell in their salon or return to Salon Service Group for a credit on their account. Returns will be accepted by Salon Service Group if the product is in resellable condition and follows our return policy.


Any order over $75 will ship for free. Orders between $45-$75 ship for $4.95 flat rate fee. Orders under $45 ship for $9.95 flat rate fee.

Need to know where we ship each brand? Click here.


If a product is backordered, the client will still be able to order the item, and it will be shipped when it is back in stock.

Retail Subscription

Your team can help customers log in to your online store while they are still at the salon and get set them up for a subscription.

Brand offerings

We cannot add brands to your site that Salon Service Group does not carry. By default, we will enable you to sell all retail brands that Salon Service Group carries in your state, giving you and your clients access to a much wider product selection than what you stock in your physical store. If you wish to limit your offerings to specific brands you may instruct us to do so.

Salon Software Integration

SSG Direct builds a gateway to your salon software system remotely so that it can access your client database to ensure that people shopping on your site are clients of your salon. Without this feature, the manufacturers could mistakenly perceive your ecommerce store as diversion. SSG Direct does not alter your proprietary data in any way or share it with any third parties.

Customer Access

If you have an existing website that you wish to maintain, we can add a prominent ‘SHOP’ button to your current homepage. If you do not have an exisitng website, one can be built for you.

Launch Marketing

Upon your launch you will be given digital templates to promote your new store! Additionally, all clients will receive $10 off their first order as part of a launch incentive. This cost is covered by SSG on your behalf. In support of your store, we will do email campaigns to drive traffic to your site. On an on-going basis you will be given social media assets to use on your social channels.

To sign up, fill out the enrollment form or contact your Salon Consultant.

If you have already enrolled and have questions, please contact tech support at (866) 654-8009 or