New Security Feature

All ssgdirect stores now have a new security feature to protect them from fraudulent accounts.  When a new salon client (end consumer) signs up for an account to shop the salon’s ssgdirect store, the client will be prompted to activate their account at the email address provided in sign up form. 

IMPORTANT: The client must activate the account before they can shop the ssgdirect store.  To activate, they will click the “Activate Account” button on the email.

See below for example of email: 

Quick FAQs:

When did this go into effect?

January 25, 2023

What if the client creates the account, doesn’t activate the account, & then comes back at a different time to shop?

The customer will be prompted to check their email to activate their account. If the salon’s client needs to search for the email, the email will come from the salon & the subject line is “(Salon Name) – Thank you for registering”.

Can the ssgdirect store turn this off?

No, it is a security feature for e-commerce platforms.

What about clients that already have an existing account they’ve been using for shopping the ssgdirect stores?

They will NOT be required to activate their account. No action needed from them.